1. No permits or fees including street permits required by the city 
  2. No WSST or Use Tax 
  3. No removal of unsuitable bearing material or fill.  
  4. No surface water removal 
  5. No maintenance of safety barriers after Bare Roots leaves an area 
  6. No performance or payment bonds 
  7. No insurance for third parties 
  8. No liquidated damages 
  9. No accelerated schedules 


  1. Not responsible for pre-existing conditions nor does any warranty apply to pre-existing conditions. Should the hillside fail due to use of improper fill that was existing prior to the beginning of our scope, Bare Roots LLC and/or Wardscape LLC will not be liable nor held responsible for any damages or rework related to the scope completed prior to our arrival or work completed related to the scope outlined above. Hydroseeding will not correct pre-existing conditions or prevent possible failure in the future.
  2. Root Barrier outside of Planter Strips-Can be provided upon request 
  3. Due to inflation of gas prices, if per gallon prices rise above $5.00 a fuel surcharge will apply.
  4. Maintenance & Removal of Invasive Species (can be performed at a rate of $60.00/hr+ Dump Fees) 
  5. Preparation and Verification of Subgrades 
  6. Over excavation of planters 
  7. Watering 
  8. Plant material is subject to substitution due to season or availability. 
  9. All Grades must provide adequate drainage prior to installation of landscaping.
  10. All subgrades must be clear of vegetation and rocks prior to installation. 
  11. French Drains or Catch Basins 
  12. Bare Roots does not warranty any plant material, or sod/hydroseed without a Bare Roots installed irrigation system, and a 1-year Maintenance contract with Art by Nature or a Bare Roots approved landscape maintenance company.
  13. All prices valid for 30 days. 
  14. Any traffic control needed to be provided by General Contractor 
  15. Removal and dumping of any existing fence 
  16. Bare Roots is not responsible for damage caused by wind, tree damage, unstable soil areas, fire,excessive rain / flooding, or erosion.
  17. Bare Roots is not liable for any damage to underground utilities not detectable with locate. 


  1. This proposal was bid from the drawings during the bidding process. Unit prices and quantities are subject to change as plans are revised. 
  2. Standard time of work is Monday – Friday, 40 hours per week.  
  3. Bare Roots reserves the right to revise this bid proposal and issue a formal proposal based on final drawings, the construction schedule, or the approval of Bare Roots’s upper management. This proposal is not binding in any way upon Bare Roots until permit drawings are received and reviewed. 
  4. Insurance – There will be an additional charge if primary and/or additional insured coverage or bond is required.  
  5. 250 square feet minimum staging area is required. 
  6. Project estimate is 10 weeks. (EXAMPLE)
  7. No paid when paid clauses accepted. 
  8. Proposal is valid for 30 days from date of quote. 
  9. Due to the volatility of materials, if project has not begun within 30 days of proposal date, Bare Roots reserves the right to re-bid using current material pricing. 
  10. This proposal to be made part of contract documents. 

*During the project, Bare Roots LLC and /or Wardscape LLC may be required to use heavy machinery for project installation. We do our best to maintain the integrity of our client’s landscape, and we work collaborate for best results, but Bare Roots LLC cannot be held responsible for any damages to current irrigation, grass areas, or otherwise. If this is a concern, please address this prior to the projects start date in order to discuss your options. 

Bare Roots LLC and/or Wardscape LLC is only responsible for the job perimeters and will not be held accountable for areas installed by previous contractors. We do our best to match previous work, but complete cohesion cannot be guaranteed. If you would like our team to address past work mistakes, this will need to be discussed and bid separately.

Bare Roots LLC and/or Wardscape LLC is not responsible for the health of any trees or plants after installation, there is no way for Bare Roots to guarantee the success of an item outside of our care. Please ask our team about how to properly care for your installed items for best results.


Credit and Debit card transactions are subject to a processing fee.